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Directional Strength can weave wonders for You

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The fast and furious lifestyle of today's modern world has resulted into a constant state of distress and confusion for any individual. As he is desperately looking for answers to his problems, he often rams into the wrong door. Instead of simplifying, the problems twirl into a complex web and lead to the devastation of happiness, of prosperity and of success.

This unique concept of Directional Strength devised by Sri. Chinnojee has helped many troubled souls to emanate from their problems and rise with flying colors in walks of life. His advice based on the Directional Strength coming from 12 directions is far more effective and precise compared to the traditional Vastu techniques. He analyzes not only the astrological facets of the individual and his family but also assists in shunning the negative energy and channelizing positive power to aspire prosperity and success for one and all.

People from various sections of the society have walked up to him for guidance on the problems faced by them in their routine life. From complications in marriages and relationships to the hindrances in career, education and business, TEAM VASTU has helped them evolve from every complexity of life. And this has only been possible due to abound knowledge and experience of Sri. Chinnojee in this field.

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Directional Strength


Every direction has its own power. Directional Strength is the ability of the directions to influence the decisions or actions of individuals. At TEAM VASTU, we make use of the 12 natural directions unlike the traditional Vastu which places greater emphasis only on north and east directions.

This Directional Strength is determined by the astrological charts of an individual, his line of activity, positive instincts, inner strength and inspiration to lead a blissful life.

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Sri Chinnojee Rao

Sri. Chinnojee with the power of his knowledge and foresight is here to heal your every problem. Contact us for the solution to your problems and to experience the effectiveness of TEAM VASTU.

TEAM VASTU, a methodology devised by Sri Chinnojee has been implemented by various individuals living both in India and abroad.

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- Vishal Kanojia, 32-year old budding entrepreneur - Sid Surana, 22-year old - Ishan Sampat, 26-year old - Kavita Dotia, 24 year old - Arpit Sohane, 38-year old -Shilpa Dedhia, 21-year old