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10 Vastu Tips You Should Follow For Establishing Profitable Industry

A business venture cannot work successfully without the collated effort of various departments. Ranging from accounts to marketing to production – each and every department plays a vital role in the success of the organization. This even includes the department in charge of making and assembling the products. Hard work and dedication play an important role in the success of the organization, but for overall contentment and satisfaction of the employees, it is important to facilitate a positive working environment. With the help of Vastu tips,  we can make organization into a profitable organization.

Free Vastu Tips For Industries:


The ancient science and principles of Vastu Shastra channel positive vibes and energy through design, layout, measurements and space arrangement. These principles fuse with architecture with nature, thereby providing positive energy for prosperity, happiness, and success. The site where the factory is being built can monumentally impact the success and the profitably of the organization. Vastu For Business or Industries is extremely important. Following are some Vastu tips that should be kept in mind specifically for industries and factories.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Industries:

1) The factory must face either the North, East or the North-East direction in order for the organization’s profitability in the long run. Always examine the site for the factory, if it does have a water body it should face either the Eastern, Northern and North-east direction.

2) If the land is sloping and the high ends of the slope are at the towards West, South-west and South. Whereas avoid buying the plot if the high ends of the slope face are in the East, North-east and North.

3) The building construction for the industry should be in the South-West part of the plot or site. The South or the South-West is the best area to maintain a workshop.

4) The owner’s office must be built facing the East or North while the owner must sit facing the North with regard to any discussion or decision-making.

5) The entrance of the factory or the industry should be facing the East. The main gate of the factory should constitute of two shutters.

6) The administrative office and other offices should be built either in the North or the East side of the plot, whereas the staff quarters should be located at either the southeast or northwest corner of the plot.

7) The staircase (if any) and the water tanker should be built in the South-West Corner of the building whereas the underground tanker should be placed at the North-East corner of the building.

8) Always ensure to never construct the washroom in the North-east and South-west corners of the building but rather it can be built in the North-West or Western corner.

9) All heavy machinery should be placed in the Southwest, West or South whereas burners, boilers, ovens, generators, furnace transformers, chimneys should be placed in the Southeast corner.

10) Avoid dumping garbage in the North-East corner of the building. The north and the east of the building need to be kept clean at all times.

These are just some Vastu Shastra Tips or pointers that should be kept in mind while constructing and designing a factory or an industry. It would prove to bring peace and prosperity for the business.

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