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Monthly Archive:: June 2017

Vastu Remedies To Invite Happiness Into Your Home

Our mood and emotions are greatly influenced by all the forces and experiences around us. It is important to try and let in the positive energy while leaving all the negativity outside. People follow Vastu Shastra so

How To Attain Peace And Happiness

Have you ever realized how comforting a smile is? When you pass by a stranger and give them a smile, notice how the tension between the two of you breaks? Just a smile can create familiarity between

10 Vastu Tips For Money Growth

One of the many fundamental requirements for all human beings is money. The world we live in is heavily commercialized. Our basic necessities – food, water, shelter and clothing are all procured through money. Even though money

The Sacredness Of Indian Architecture

Urban India celebrates and holds on to all its cultural and traditional notions even today. The principles of Vastu Shastra form one of the many sacred pillars of tradition and culture. It’s an infused part of Indian
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