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How To Attain Peace And Happiness

Have you ever realized how comforting a smile is? When you pass by a stranger and give them a smile, notice how the tension between the two of you breaks? Just a smile can create familiarity between two strangers. Similarly, happiness is an emotion that breaks the tension. When you experience this emotion with another individual you crave the individual’s company again. Everyone wishes to have a prosperous life filled with happiness.

How to Attain Peace and Happiness

One of the most important components for happiness is positivity. Being positive, having a positive outlook affects happiness. Being able to take negativity in a positive manner will help you remain content and happy. The best way to ensure that you would experience long lasting happiness is through surrounding yourself with positive energy. The best way of doing this is through Vastu Shastra. It is the ancient art of channeling positive energy through architecture and design. Here are some Vastu Shastra Tips that would facilitate peace and happiness.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Peace and Happiness:

There are many interior designing hacks that you can follow in order to channel the positivity inside your house. Here are a few Vastu Shastra tips you can follow.
1) If you’re the kind to decorate your walls by hanging up paintings and images, it is imperative that you hang a painting of Lord Ganesha. A wall without decorations symbolizes loneliness. Hanging a painting of Lord Ganesha is an effective way of providing your wall and live with good company.
2) Always keep a nameplate on the door or entrance of your house. A nameplate symbolizes ownership and will attract peace, happiness, and good opportunities.
3) Everyone enjoys being surrounded by freshness. An intake of fresh air or of fragrance can be extremely invigorating for the body. Another way of spreading freshness and creativity throughout the house is through lighting up candles, lamps and diyas. It helps in warding off negativity by cleaning your house.
4) Just lighting lamps and candles are not enough. Placing a glass of water with a lemon inside also helps in keeping away negative energy. But the water and the lemon have to be changed every week without fail.
5) The basic rule of infusing your house with positive energy is by ensuring you keep your house clutter free. A clutter free house is symbolic of a clean house that is ready to be infused with positive energy.
6) Despite following these few tips if you can’t find happiness and peace it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Start meditating regularly. This will expel the negativity from within, uplift your spirit and help you appreciate everything around.
Vastu Shastra is not about surrounding your house with positivity but ensuring you indulge and enjoy the positive energy around. Therefore, you need to indulge in activities that would keep you in a positive spirit.

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