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How Vastu Shastra Contributes To Divorce Vastu-DS

One of the most important decisions that many individuals will have to take is finding that special someone. A perfect partner is extremely important. Marriage is an important milestone in each and every individual’s life. In Indian culture and tradition, it is not only a milestone for the child but also for the family and parents.

How Vastu Contributes To Divorce:

Contributes to Divorce

Marriage is a union between a man and women. This union is of partnership, love, trust and various other elements. People believe in finding a partner who would understand and take care of them. But many times when two people decide to take on this union due to various reasons they are unhappy with each other at different points of their marriage. Many times through counseling and therapy, issues between two individuals can be resolved but in many occasion, these two individuals will resort to divorce.

Filing and going through the process of a divorce is an extremely taxing process. It is not only taxing for the couple but also for people in their inner circle. A divorce affects their children, their parents, friends, and various other family members. It leaves the house environment in an extremely negative state. Divorce or events leading up to it often project negative energy to all those around. But sometimes the negative energy between two people can lead to their unhappiness. Here are Vastu Shatra reasons for divorce.

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Reasons for Divorce:

Divorce is never an impulsive decision, it’s due to a culmination of emotions, feelings, events, and misunderstandings that shatter the sacred bond. But it could also be because of the attracting negative energy. Here are some reasons for divorce that are likely attributed by following incorrect rules of Vastu Shastra.

This ancient science combines principles of architecture and design. Disharmony in the Vastu of a house can create conflicts amongst family members or even lead to divorce. Following are the reasons for divorce:

Vastu of the Bed Room:

One of the most important places for a couple in the bedroom they share. A key point that creates positive energy is ensuring that the bedroom is situated in the South-West Corner of the house. Placing the main door, a living room, a toilet in this wing of the house will lead to disputes. Positioning the bedroom in the South-East corner of the house will create bad energy in the bedroom in turn leading to disputes between the couple.

Vastu of the Kitchen:

The kitchen is the place where both members invest time to meet their dietary needs. The ideal direction to place the kitchen is the South-East wing or the North West Wing.  But if the stove is placed facing the north or the south this will create tension between the couple. The kitchen should also be in an area that has good ventilation.

Apart from these, there are other reasons why a couple is likely experiences negative energy at home, that could in turn lead to a divorce:

  • One of the most likely reasons for divorce is when there are deficiencies or either in the Northwest wing of the house and the Southeast wing of the house.
  • An entrance in the North-West direction is likely to cause tension and conflicts between couples.
  • It is believed that the deficiencies of the North-West wing can cause a drift between the couple
  • Placing a water source like a bore well or a tank either in the South-East wing or North-West wing of the house can cause disagreements between the couple.

These are just a few reasons as to why a home is filled with negative energy. A home filled with positive energy will enhance the relationship and bond between husband and wife. Ensure to fill your home with positive vibes through the Effective principles of Vastu Shastra.

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