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10 Vastu Tips For Money Growth

One of the many fundamental requirements for all human beings is money. The world we live in is heavily commercialized. Our basic necessities – food, water, shelter and clothing are all procured through money. Even though money cannot buy happiness, many people face stress, anxiety and depression due to lack of finance. Money not only helps in procuring basic needs but also secondary needs like education and healthcare to name a few.

Vastu Tips For Money Growth:

10 Vastu tips for money growth

With the global economy being unstable, earning money has now become a primary concern. Having a good income brings about a less stressful environment. People work extremely hard by investing time and effort to provide for themselves as well as their family. Moreover, many people try their best to save money for the future. Here are a few Vastu Tips for money that should be followed.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Wealth:

1) While deciding the color palette of the house ensure that the North-East area is blue in color. Do ensure that red is not used for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.
2) While planning the design of the house, avoid building a pool or any form of water body below normal ground levels in the South-West corner of the house.
3) The ideal location to keep the cash locker or a safe is in the South or the South-West wall. It should be placed in such a way that when it is opened it should face the North.
4) Always try to place a mirror that faces the cash locker. This will provide a reflection of the cash inside when the locker is opened up which is representative of your wealth doubling.
5) If a garden is being planned, ensure to plant a money tree! It should be planted in a green vase. If your space is not designed to accommodate plants, then ensure hang a painting of scenery that has the lush field or thick forest on the north corner of the house. This will attract better career opportunities and wealth.
6) Ensure to keep the North-East portion of the house clutter free as this is the direction that attracts wealth. Avoid placing heavy machinery or building staircase.
7) The entrance of the house or space should be beautiful and grand. This will bring happiness and prosperity whereas cluttered, sloppy and badly maintained entrance will attract negative energy.
8) Avoid making any form of construction on the center of the house. The center of the house should remain free as it is the Brahmasthan.
9) Always keep the doors and windows clean as dirt symbolizes obstruction of cash. Also, ensure to repair all leaking taps and faucets as this symbolizes leakage of cash as well!
10) If the house is designed to keep an aquarium ensure it’s kept in the North-East portion. Keep the aquarium clean and aerated.

These are just a few Vastu Shastra that should keep in mind to ensure the influx of wealth. These tips will help bring balanced energy cycle in the house.  Use the 4-Step Mahavastu method to check the imbalance of your house so that they can be rectified ASAP.

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