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Top Eight Paintings You Should Not Hang At Home

We are all influenced by the energy that surrounds us. Not all of us are aware of this. On a gloomy day, we have the urge to be lazy and be unproductive whereas on a day with the beautiful weather we are motivated to do our best. Similarly the energy we surround ourselves in influences us.

Paintings You Should Not Hang At Home:


Negative energy has the power to attracts more negative energy and also influence our minds to stay in a state of negativity. This can impact not only our entire day but also our outlook towards life and our goals. Therefore it is important for an individual to try and surround themselves with positive energy especially in a location where time is spent the most.

Vastu Shastra aims to bring this positivity in every aspect of our lives. Through Vastu Shastra tips, you can ensure to surround yourself with positive energy that would greatly contribute towards your happiness and prosperity.

At times due to lack of sufficient knowledge many people follow these principles incorrectly which can bring about negative energy. This especially holds true for decorations like paintings. All paintings bring about an aesthetic but there are certain images that should not be hung up. These images can invite negative energy.

Wall Paintings You Should Not Keep:

Wallpaper and paint bring color and aesthetic over plain walls. They are beautiful to look at and bring an aesthetic appeal. According to Vastu, there are certain paintings that should be avoided at all cost. Here are paintings you should avoid hanging up in your home or office:

1) Lord Nataraj:

Lord Nataraj is a well known as the god of dance in Hindu mythology is also one of the many forms of Lord Shive. Being the god of dance, many people who aspire to become professional dancers or who are just dancing enthusiast, hang a painting of Lord Nataraj. According to Vastu, this is a bad omen because Lord Nataraj performs the dance of destruction.

2) Sinking Ship:

The image of a sinking ship holds a lot of meaning. There is a certain beauty present in chaos, but despite its aesthetic appeal, it should not be hung up. According to Vast, a sinking ship can also sink the positive energy. It is also believed that it can disrupt the flow of positive energy from the center.

3) Waterfalls or flowing water bodies:

Water is an extremely calming entity. It brings about a sense of serenity and peace, despite this it should be hung in homes and offices. According to Vastu, flowing water images impact the prosperity of individuals. It signifies wealth flowing out of the household that can lead to financial problems.

4) Fierce or Violent animals:

Fierce and wild animals portray a sense of confidence and elegance. They are bold and can even motivate people to be bold about confident about themselves. But hanging images of violent animals can attract negative energy. According to Vastu, this can affect the relationship of the married couple and bring marital discord.

5)  Taj Mahal:

This monumental figure is a representation of true love between Shah Jahan and Mumtaz. It’s one of India’s most iconic monuments, but yet hanging up a picture of the same brings negative energy. According to Vastu, the image of the Taj Mahal is a resting place for the burial place for Mumtaz. This can attract negativity indoors.

6) Scenes from the Mahabharata:

The Mahabharat is India’s greatest epic that most Indians hold close to their hearts. Yet paintings of scenes from these epics can attract negativity. According to Vastu, the Mahabharata has many negative incidents and activities, the epic can only be properly understood after severe contemplation. This understanding varies from one individual to another.

7) Crying or Sad Children:

It is common for people to find a certain amount of beauty in pain. While this painting seems aesthetic, it attracts negative energy. According to Vastu, the painting has a very negative meaning to it which can easily spread to the house as well. Hence avoid hanging paintings of a distressed or sad child.

8) War or Black Magic:

Wars play a significant role in our history. Many people opt to hang paintings for wars because of what it may signify. Similarly, people may hang pictures representative of black magic because of the mystical element. But such paintings should be avoided. According to Vastu, these paintings can impact or influence the mind of the people who are constantly near or around the image. This can lead to arguments and fights amongst people who live together.

These are some paintings you should avoid hanging up on your wall no matter go aesthetically appealing they may appear. Be surrounded with positive energy by surrounding your home or work place with paintings that have a positive meaning. With the help of Vastu Shastra tips, surround yourself with positive energy, happiness, and prosperity.

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