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Vastu Remedies To Invite Happiness Into Your Home

Our mood and emotions are greatly influenced by all the forces and experiences around us. It is important to try and let in the positive energy while leaving all the negativity outside. People follow Vastu Shastra so that they can limit negative energy and be surrounded by positivity. These days’ people try to ensure that the structure of their house is Vastu compliant. Many times they comprise on their dream house just so they can adhere to the rules of Vastu.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Happy Home:

Vastu Remedies to Invite Happiness into Your Home

But what most people fail to realize is that apart from the structure of the house, there are more aspects that matter too. Essentially, it is important to internally arrange your house according to the Vastu guidelines. Just procuring a Vastu compliant house is not enough but rather internal arrangements of the furniture and decorative show pieces also play an extremely important role as well. Here are some Vastu Remedies To Invite Peace And Happiness into your home.

The Vastu Rituals and Internal Arrangements for Happiness:

Wind chimes:

These decorative pieces spread out serene and tranquil music through the house. Such decor should be placed ideally on the north, northwest and west Vastu zones. Placing a wind chime that is made of five rods on the north will attract new career opportunities. Owning a wind chime with seven rods will bring out overall benefits.

Grah-Pravesh Puja:

Vastu Shastra essentially relies on the energy present in the house. Therefore it is important to conduct a puja that would help you refresh the energy present in the house. By conducting this pooja, the occupant is also blessed with opportunities and good fortune.

Dressing Table:

Dressing tables are integral house decor most people can’t live without. All cosmetic and important products for grooming are placed on the table. According to Vastu Shastra, placement of the dressing table in the right direction can help improve relationships. It should ideally be placed adjacent to the bed. Avoid placing it in the southern wall in the southwest zone as this can increase friction between you and your partner or other family members.

Camphor Lamp:

During puja, lighting camphor takes away all the unwarranted negative energy. Lighting camphor is popularly known to rectify all the Vastu defects at the same time it will drive away all the negative energy as well.

Buddha Statue:

Many people love having a laughing Buddha statue as it will bring good luck and fortune to the house. You should place your Buddha statue northeast zone of your house. This area is believed to be responsible for your connectivity with yourself.  By placing a spiritual symbol like Buddha in this area, you send out the message that you want to get connected with your inner self.

These are just a Vastu remedies and rituals that you can flow in invite positive energy and happiness into your house. This will widely influence the atmosphere of the house making it livelier and harmonious.

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