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Vastu Tips For Car Parking And Car Shed

One of the many greatest evolutions that can be traced is modes of transportation. Before man-made transportations were invented; people traveled with the help of animals like horses, donkeys, and camels. Transportation is an important element in our day to day life. We require transportation to get from one place to another. With the advancements in science and technology, whether our destination is 5 minutes away or 5 hours away, it is easy to get there. Although traveling by bus, car or airplane is all normal parts of our life but we often hear about accidents taking place.

Car Parking as Per Vastu:

Vastu Tips for Car Parking and Car Shed

Therefore it is important to respect our modes of transportation and try to ensure its surrounded and filled with positive energy. Vastu for vehicle parking will help procure the positive energy you need to make your journey safe. Car parking as per Vastu Shastra is not at all. There are just a few Vastu principles you’ll have to keep in mind before you park your car. There are also Vastu Shastra principles you can apply for your parking space at home!

Vastu Tips For Car Parking:

The ancient principles of Vastu Shastra bring forth a combination of architecture and discipline. By following the principles of Vastu Shastra, you can project all the elements of nature to bestow you with positive energy, prosperity, and happiness. Here are Vastu Tips you can follow while parking your car and designing your car shed:

What Should Be Followed:

1) The ideal location to construct a car shed is the South-West, South, and West facing direction. While constructing and designing the car shed, keep in mind that the car shed should NOT touch the main house.
2) The entrance of the shed should face either the East or the South
3) If you own a big vehicle it’s best for you to park your car in the South-West direction.If you park your car in facing South-East, it won’t require constant repairs and frequent visits to the garage.

What Should Be Avoided:

4) Avoid parking your car in the North-East Corner of the house. If you have no other way around this (due to various reasons); ensure that the North-East Corner has a slump and the walls built in the South and the West are strong.
5) Avoid building a car shed in the North East Direction. Due to architecture and design, this can’t always be helped. If the car shed is built in the North-East Direction then ensure that there is a path that connects it to the house. Lack of connectivity between the car shed and the house can cause problems.
6) Many people construct their car shed in the South-East direction. This is a good spot, but always ensure that there is space between the wall built in the East and the car. To avoid negative energy from spreading, the parked car should not touch the East wall. There should also be ample of space between the car shed and the house.

These are a few Vastu Shastra principles that should be kept in mind. Not everyone has the luxury to park or construct their car shed in the ideal direction, therefore it is important to follow a few principles as well as avoid certain directions. This will help in making every journey safe.

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