OUR Testimonials

"I am indeed glad that I have knocked the right door. Sri. Chinnojees's advice has helped me and my business for which I can't stop thanking him. My business which was on a rolling loss in spite of all my attempts to revive it, has finally found the sun in the rain. Not only did my business flourish but even I found the solace and peace that I have been looking for all along. Sir's advise has filled me with an air of positivity and motivated me to work harder now. Today, if I am calm and happy it is all because of Vastu-DS" -Vishal Kanojia, 32-year old budding entrepreneur
"The problems in my life didn't seem to stop. There was a point when I was about to take that grave step as a last resort to end all the sufferings. But then I heard about Vastu-DS and Sri. Chinnojee. Although I couldn't believe if anyone would be able to help me, but I decided to give it a try. This was perhaps the best decision I have ever taken in my life. Sir's accurate estimation of my situation confirmed to me that he is the man whom I can trust with my life and I was right. It is only because of his advice and motivation that I am still breathing." -Sid Surana, 22-year old
"I have been able to resolve the tiffs and conflicts with my wife and parents only because of the guidance provided by Sir. Thank you for saving our relationship. Your Vastu techniques and the bountiful of knowledge that you carry are a blessing for depressed persons like me. Had it not been for you, we would have already broken our marriage vows" -Ishan Sampat, 26-year old
"Sir, the moment I had seen you, I noticed an ecstatic glow emanating from you that doesn't seem to belong to this world. You are indeed the man of God who was born to help and assist the troubled souls on earth. Before meeting you, my career was heading to an unknown direction, but your accurate estimations have paved a path for that direction. Now I know what I have to do. Thank you seems a smaller word for the great work done by you." -Kavita Dotia, 24 year old
"The words of wisdom showered by you have been of immense help in my life. Your exact estimation about my current situation and your advice on how to resolve the problems has dragged me out of all the dilemmas. What's more astounding is your ability to advice on the astrological aspects combined with the Vastu treatment for every problem. Your knowledge is commendable. Thank you for helping me" -Arpit Sohane, 38-year old
"When the condition of my father kept on deteriorating and no medicines were able to cure him, we paid a visit at Vastu-DS and met Sri. Chinnojee. His advice based on the 12 directions and the astrological positions miraculously revived my father's health. Gradually, we could notice his recovery which was only because of Sir's advice. I am grateful to Sir for helping my father and family." -Shilpa Dedhia, 21-year old