Vastu for Business

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While some people refuse to accept the superiority of a boss, others are too tired of obliging to every order of their bosses. Eventually, almost every man dreams of setting up his own business, to be his own boss. But is this as easy a task as it seems?

Most of the times either the planning fall short or perhaps even the most perfect plan goes for a toss. Even an abundant infuse of capital doesn't help to give a kick start to one's own business.

Even worse, when everything is in place, the best plan, astute resources and bountiful of capital, yet for reasons beyond the realm of one's understanding, the business could not be set up.

Such unfortunate situations are not restricted to a new business. Even the most flourishing businesses can see a setback for an unexpected longer period. Those owning factories and manufacturing units may see a steep decline in their production, in spite of the installation of the most advanced and state-of-the-art machinery.

There are all possible chances that your workers and laborers refrain from working, or demand a hike in remuneration, or perhaps put up a sudden strike or indulge in unionization, for no fault of yours. So are these situations beyond control?

Is there no acceptable solution to such business growth related problems?

At such times, most people resort to the traditional Indian methods of basking in wealth and prosperity and Vastu has been an integral part of traditional India as a measure to seek the wealth and growth in business.

Here we explain a few circumstances when such unpleasant situations hum up.
  • If the North of your office or factory is a level higher or the south is lower than it reduces the income level. Similarly, for a prosperous business, it is ideal to construct a pit in the North-East.
  • In case an office is situated within the business premises, it is pertinent to have the same constructed at the right place, else it hinders growth.
  • If the directions of the office or business place are constructed inappropriately due to oversight or inadvertence, it affects growth.

How do we help you to plan your business better?
  • We offer most plausible solutions for the construction of your office or business place with minimal possible amendments.
  • We advise better on how to develop your small scale business into a large flourishing one.
  • We offer ideas and tips to successfully sell your products or services to the target audience.