Vastu for Education

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Education - the most pressed on aspect in today's age. While tremendous importance is placed on the need for education, it has also become the most competitive field of the era. At most times, parents fail to understand that education is a value-addition and not the only addition in one's life. Exorbitant pressure from the family members leads to a decreased morale of many young ones.

Unfortunate and unexpected failure may make many young students resort to suicidal tendencies, depression, insomnia, loneliness, high pressure, helplessness, and such other adverse effects.

It would not be an understatement to say that education these days has become a blessing for millions and a bane for an equal other millions.

Parents usually complain that after struggling day and night with their books, their children are not able to recall the correct answers during the exams and tests. At times, students feel their memory retention power has reduced or perhaps they are unable to understand and could not remember their study material. Even the best of the tutors or educated parents are not able to imbibe the understanding of the subject into their little ones. More than the studying children, parents are affected and suffer from hypertension and high pressure due to the lack of studying power in their children.

But why does it happen that one student outshines the other and that other is left way behind in the race? What are the potential problems that influence the studying capabilities of any student?

Here we explain a few reasons that can help you understand the reasons for the failure of your student:
  • Every house or workplace has a space called the Education space. At times, such place is not construed as a part of the house or workplace. And if luckily it is a part and parcel of the house, it is blocked by some utility like toilet, bathroom, etc. This will in turn effect the most vulnerable child of the house.
  • Wrong placement of the study table will considerably affect the studying capabilities of the children and they may not be able to succeed in spite of numerous efforts and attempts.
  • If the main entrance of the house or workplace is standing in an unfavourable direction, it not only affects the child's learning abilities but also his morale and nature.
  • If the student inadvertently chooses an unfavorable direction for study, the 7 Chakras are affected, leading to difficulties is studies, lack of concentration, stress, etc.

How do we help your student to achieve success in flying colors?
  • We provide constructive solutions for your house or workplace without any major breakages or alterations.
  • We also advise on the best direction to study and the best time and direction for sleeping to enhance the grasping power and concentration of your child.
  • We provide motivational guidance that will influence the seven chakras and enable your child to study more effectively and with increased concentration.