Vastu for Relationship

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"He is happy whose personal life is without glitches." Personal relationships play the most important role in moulding an individual. A happy and satisfied personal life will inspire positivity across all walks of life. And talking about personal relationships, a "happy married life" is what every person seeks. Even our culture has revered this relation as the most sacred one.

But how often does the phrase "happily married" stand true in today's world? The stressful and on-the-toes modern lifestyle has severely affected relationships at personal level.

More than often, we here people complaining about their spouses, talking about separation or divorce, tiffs and ego clashes between the couple, etc. Such disturbed relations has in turn infected the social harmony and created unrest within the society.

Couples are often seen quarreling over petty issues and complaining over irrelevant subjects that can otherwise be resolved with a cool head. This leads the marraige life to adverse consequences of breakdown of relations, separation and even divorce in some cases.

Then there are cases where the daughter-in-law is not able to adjust in the new family, leading to frequent fights and difference of opinion between the husband and his parents. Thus, the peace and tranquility of the couple in particular and family in general is affected.

The disturbed relationship at home goes on to bother and affect the social relations. People may usually fight two hands with their neighbors, relatives or siblings, thus ruining the social reputation of the individual and leaving him in a constant state of flux and unhappiness.

The troubles may extend to the workplace as well, making it difficult for the individual to perform efficiently for the assigned tasks. This leads to demotivation and a reduced morale of the individual.

But are these things like personal stress and disturbances beyond control? What are reasons that create such conflicts?

Here we explain some reasons for such negative events in life:
  • Every house or workplace has a particular Relationship space and if such place is affected by accommodating any utility like toilet, bathroom, etc. the peace of the family will be affected.
  • If the kitchen is constructed in an unfavourable direction, then the happiness of the family is waned to a great extent.
  • If the walls of living room or bedroom are utilised to hang the images of any aggressive God or Goddess, then it clearly manifests the reason of disruption amongst the family members.
  • If the couple or their parents inadvertently occupy an unfavourable direction, the seven chakras are affected, leading to tiffs and disturbances within the family.

How do we help to resolve the conflicting situations in the family?
  • We advise on the requisite amends in the construction of the house without any major breakages or alterations.
  • We provide best suggestions on the sleeping directions and relationship directions to enhance the emotional bonding between the family members.
  • We advise on the type of photographs to be hung on the walls in order to attract positive energy within the house or workplace.