Vastu for Career

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Almost every budding individual is worried about his career plans. Either they are yet to be stirred by their soul regarding the choice of career or they are uncertain if their career choice is appropriate. Only a handful of lucky ones own the heritage and lineage of a well-established business. The rest are left at the mercy of self perspiration and luck to determine their destiny.

But who assures whether one has placed his finger on the right career choice? Or what is the guarantee that success will kiss ones feet if we pursue a certain career? May be the start is very enriching with a particular career but the later part is nothing but blemish and blurred. A tough decision that it is to choose a career, many may hail with optimism in the beginning but one major misfortune and every hard earned penny is lost.

On the other hand, for those working as employees, may curse their luck for no promotions or increments in salary in spite of the hard work endured. An unsupportive boss or senior add to the agony. Many working people would have to consider quitting their jobs due to lack of appreciation, monetarily or otherwise. Even worse, there can be those who would be the target of layoffs or cost cutting activity undertaken by the Companies.

In the face of adversity, it is difficult to put up a brave face and not every person is stuffed with that courage. People then run a losing race in search of solution to their career related problems. But if solutions were visible to the naked eye, then almost every individual would have been successful today.

Here we explain few reasons of the root causes of a downslide in ones career:
  • Every house or work place has a Career place. If this place is occupied by some utility like toilet, bathroom etc., the career growth is hindered.
  • If the main gate or entrance of the house or workplace is constructed in an unfavorable direction, job opportunities of the working people in the house are stained.
  • If due to inadvertence or otherwise, the working individual or youth occupies an unfavorable direction, his IQ may be affected and lead to improper decision making with regard to career.

How do we help to boost your career path?
  • We advise on the appropriate construction of your house without making any major breakages or amends.
  • We advise on the best direction for your career to hit the right success ratio and to bring positivity and growth for the working individuals.
  • We advise on the best career options for the job seekers after assessing their capabilities and strengths.
  • We suggest helpful and easy remedies to attract positive energy so that minor ups and downs don't affect your morale.