Vastu for Wedding

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Arranged marriages have been an inseparable part of our Indian customs and traditions. In spite of the best assistance from common friends or relatives or marriage counselors, either party may face a breakdown, which leads to an unfortunate end for even the best of the mates. So, what reason can be attributed for delayed marriages or sudden divorce decisions?

Problems and embarrassing situations turn up for the girl's family when in spite of number of offers from prospective grooms, the nod for marriage is not received from any of them. Or perhaps the discussions have reached the finalization stage and yet there are difficulties for the couple to ring the wedding bells.

It happens more than usual that the girl is all dressed up with beauty, has a good family background and is well educated and a perfect match for her is also found in the man who is well settled with a cushy job and supportive family, and yet the two are not able to hook up for marriage.

Moving ahead, there are instances where the couple is happy, their families ready to tie their knot, they have perfectly matching kundalis and horoscopes and yet there are hindrances in coming to a date for marriage.

The situations get worsened when social evils like dowry and other demands in kind gives stressful nights to the prospective bride's family.

Here we explain few reasons why successful marriages have to face a breakdown or why two people ready to tie the knot are not able to marry:
  • There's a specific relationship space in every house or work place. When such relationship place is utilized for a toilet, bathroom or any such utility, marriage problems in such cases are bound to happen.
  • At times, problems of a successful hitching are also faced when any unmarried saint or avatar's photograph is seen hanging on the walls of the living room or bedroom.
  • Chances of rejection for a girl are higher if she has unknowingly occupied an unfavorable direction during the bride seeing process.

How are our efforts directed to resolve your marriage related issues?
  • We work towards channelizing positive energy and shelling out the negative parts from your house without any major construction amendments.
  • We suggest on suitable reasoning and remedies that will help the couple to sing their marriage vows.
  • We also advise on the best direction for sitting and choice of colors for the girl to turn the prospective guy into her soul-mate.