Vastu Shastra

In order to lay your trust completely in the power of Vastu as the healing source of your sorrows and distress, it is pertinent to understand the meaning of it. "Vastu", a Sanskrit term, means surrounding or environment. The word "Vaasthu" has come from the Sanskrit term "Vasthu", meaning any existing thing, like house, shelter, building etc. The word "Shastra" in Sanskrit means systems. Thus, Vastu Shastra takes the meaning of principles, practices and systems followed while constructing houses in order to balance the laws of nature and human principles to generate abound wealth and prosperity.

The ancient sages of India had formulated several principles for constructing houses in order to create a hormonal balance between nature, man and his constructions. Thus, the combined natural forces of the Pancha Bhootas viz. Earth, Space, Air, Fire and Water, the gravitational, magnetic and rotational effects of Sun, Moon, Earth and other planets along with the intelligence of the sages went on to formulate the principles of Vastu Shastra. Vastu-DS, a methodology devised by Sri Chinnojee has been implemented by various individuals living both in India and abroad. Every individual who has imbibed this methodology into his routine has yielded successful and positive results and is leading a happy, stress free and a life full of content and happiness. They cannot help but thank Sri Chinnojee for shedding the light of knowledge in their way.

vastu-DS Directional Strength

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Every direction has its own power. Directional Strength is the ability of the directions to influence the decisions or actions of individuals. At Vastu-DS, we make use of the 12 natural directions unlike Vastu which places greater emphasis only on north and east directions. This Directional Strength is determined by the astrological charts of an individual, his line of activity, positive instincts, inner strength and inspiration to lead a blissful life.

At individual level, each person or structure is bestowed with his own natural frequency or energy level and his own natural directional strength. This natural energy enters the human or structure through its Head portion and exits from the Tail portion. A smooth and hurdle-free flow of energy from Head to Tail is requisite for success.

Vastu-DS applies the traditional techniques combined with the modern scientific methods after considering the directional strength of each individual and his family. In addition, analysis is also made of the directional strength of the house, area and surroundings around the individual and his family. This gives a clear picture of the problems lingering in the family. We strive to channelize the positive energy within the house or workplace and shun out the negative instincts in order to analyze the anomaly in your life and to inspire success and prosperity for you and your family.

This revolutionary method devised by Sri. Chinnojee combined with his vast experience and intuitive guidance will provide impeccable results for your every problem. Till date, he has successfully revived a number of sick industries, healed the health problems of my patients, resolved the marital complexities between many couples, opined for the financial adversities of many entrepreneurs, advised on the career options and provided professional guidance to many budding individuals.